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The excitement and experience of sitting around a fire pit with friends and family members in a cold evening is truly priceless. With the arrival of winter, people start preparing their fire pit to protect themselves from cold and chill. Apart from its primary use, you can bake bread and also smoke food for meals. If you are thinking of building it yourself then indeed it is a good idea. You can easily build it by following tips of how to build it.

The first step of how to build is to choose a safe location that is not surrounded by combustible materials. You should be careful that it should not be build close to trees or dry wooden trunks as it might catch fire from the spark. The key to enjoy a good fire pit is building it in an open space. Before building or installing it always, make sure that there are no underground cables, pipes or wires as it might cause severe damage.

How to build also includes the measuring of depth and width of the space before building it. Make sure that you do not make it too large or else it might create hassles. The most appropriate is to make it around 2-3 feet. Dig the ground and drive a pot into the ground securely where you plan to set it.

While building it always keep some marking and digging equipments at hand. With the marking equipments you can mark the perimeter and start digging it to the depth that you can easily clean it. Apart from the mentioned steps of how to build it there are other measures that should be taken care of during the process. Always use designated fire starters and not the lighter fluid or gasoline once it becomes operational. Use of gasoline or lighter fluid might lead to explosion. If there are children in your house, then be careful not to stack wood that might set fire to great height. So, you should extinguish the fire before leaving for nap. It is also important that you keep fire extinguisher close to your reach in order to avoid any accidents.

The other commodities that you should consider while building it are bricks, crushed river rock and curved concrete pavers. Arrange the bricks encircling the pot so that it gives tight support. Gently rock each brick for a firm grip. It is important that you should build it properly or else flames might arise from its movement.

In the age of technology, you can easily find gas fire pits that are easy to install and also free from maintenance and smoke. However, it is always worthy to learn the tips of how to build it as you can do lot more with it to make it look attractive. A proper fire pit can also enhance the charm of its surroundings including the patio, garden and yard. Spending the evenings and enjoying meals around it is indeed a memorable experience. It makes the evening ambience pleasant and also creates dispels darkness.

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Build a Fire Pit

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This article was published on 2010/04/02