Common Circus Acts

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One of the oldest form entertainments is circus. Today, most people are still being entertained by watching circus. You will see in this article 5 of the most common stunts and acts that are performed by people in a circus.

Circus Stilt Walkers – Stilts are objects that are used by people or any structure that allow them to stand above the ground a higher level. Stilts could either be poles, pillars or posts. Walking stilts are the ones that are made from bamboo pole with wood or another bamboo attached to it for the feet to stand on to. They are the ones that the tall people you see in circus use, these people are called stilt walkers. Circus stilts are very much the same to the very first stilts ever used.

Fire Breathing – It is another attraction in a circus. We call the people who perform this act fire breathers. Fire breathers are one of the most common fire performers. They are known to eat and breathe flames thru their mouths. A fire breather’s tricks are classified into three major types – vapor tricks, fire transfer acts and fire dousing. Fire breathers use a special kind of fuel that only ignites if it is sprayed from the mouth into the air in tiny mist. The mist form of the fuel makes the fire bigger and looks thrilling. Fire breathing requires proper fuel and skill to succeed.

Toss Juggling – It is another very common and famous attraction in circuses. This is considered one that you see in many circuses and movies. The person who performs the said entertainment is called the juggler. Juggling is an ancient entertainment art. Technically, it means any form of object manipulation. These objects are most commonly balls, beanbags, rings, clubs, bouncing balls, cigar boxes, diabolos, plates and devil sticks. The more dangerous performances use knives and flaming torches. But strictly speaking, juggling in its purest sense is manipulating objects greater in number than the hands applied to do it.

Animal Acts – This is also an all-time favorite, whether of kids or adult. This involve the trainer of a specific animal and the animal that the trainer trains. The animals that are used during animal acts are elephants, monkeys, sea lions, bears, lion, tigers, leopard, parrots, and other hard to tame animals. Because of its use of animals, many animal welfare and other environment organizations are against the use of animals for their show because of the many reported animal cruelty cases.

Sword swallowing – The sword swallowing act. The sword swallowing act is an ancient art that is performed by having a sword pass through the mouth of the performer down over his esophagus and right towards his stomach. Sword swallowing is among the most dangerous stunts or acts in the circus.

This can lead to major injuries and possible death.

The stunts that these people do in circus are made possible through years of hard work and practice. These acts should not be done at home, only experts perform such acts. Stilt walking is probably the safest among them all.

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Common Circus Acts

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This article was published on 2010/11/04