Fire: A Friend and a Foe

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As we all know, fire is one of our basic tools in everyday life. We use fire from cooking up to the most complicated processes like internal combustion and electro-generation. Some people says that our progress as a human civilization started when man discovered fire. For thousands of years, man used fire with various purposes, They used it to cook their food, as a light through the night, warfare weapons and even for religious matters.

But unconsciously, we know that fire can serve as a friend and a foe for us, as have been written above, fire will serve as our friend if we will used it on proper ways. But we must be cautious because there are times that fire can become our foe if we misuse it. A fire can destroy your life long investments, it can even take away lives. Like take the Great Fire of London for example, wherein the fire started from a bakery where the baker left the oven lit. Let's say that you are in a situation wherin you are trapped somewhere while everything around you is ablazed by fire, How will you make your way out of it? Is there a chance that you will survive the raging fire? Well, the answer is yes. How will it be possible? Just try to follow these things:

  • Don't Panic – As simple as it tell. Panic is everyone's enemy in times of disaster. Most of the term papers related to this 90% of the casualties in an emergency is caused by panicking. Let's just put it this way, you may think more clearly of some survival tactics if you will not panic. Going into panic will not help, it will even make your situation worse. You may end up suffocated by the smoke, bludgeoned by a feiry debris, burned alive or you may hilariously plunge your way to the window thus causing your own doom.

  • Smoke is going upward – Aside from burn, the usual reason for fire casualty is suffocation. And mostly, suffocation is caused by the notorious panic. Just remember this, smoke will always go upward. So the only thing that you will do is to crawl when a thick smoke is starting to fill the room, the house or any closed place where you are trapped. Maybe probably you are wondering why the smoke is always going upward? Here's an explanation to that; the smoke is hotter than oxygenated air. The smoke, since it is hot, has a lower density and volume of molecules thus making it lighter than the oxygen which has a higher volume and density of molecules. Which means, the hotter air will go upward while oxygen will stay below.

  • Never just open a door – Ever heard of an explosion during a fire. Whether you believe it or not, It was not a cause of an explosive. An essay once said that when a door from a burning room is abruptly opened, it will cause an expolsion. Scientifically, it is caused by a combustion reaction and oxygen combined. When a burning room was opened from the “unbruned room, a huge amount of oxygen will be introduced into the burning room thus will create a reaction. In lay man's term, opening a burning room will result in an end-of the-world scenario in which you will have to take the lead role.

  • Don't forget to lend your hand – It is not uncommon that you are not the only one trapped inside a burning structure. As human being, It is natural and morally justified for you to help others survive as well. Your priority are those who are old, scared children, and injured people who are obviously unable to survive without foreign intervention. Please for God's sake, don't let them be charred in to eternity like you falied custom reseach paper which you really love to dispose off.

These are only some the things that you really need to consider during an emergency. It's up to you if you are to follow this, but just remember that these are the basic ideal steps in survivng an emergency.

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Fire: A Friend and a Foe

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This article was published on 2011/04/14
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