Fire Hose Reels - Great Additions to Fire Extinguishers

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The relationship between fire safety and prevention is crucial in determining protection within businesses and homes. Estimates and studies have been drawing facts relative to fires, making prevention an important safety factor. In fact, it has been said that most businesses never recover from a serious fire despite insurance claims. More so, the majority of fires are preventable, if only the right information will be accessed and gained. Small fires, on the contrary, can actually cause financial disruptions, which could affect business owners and employees. Having these in mind, it is only suitable that we prepare and plan for contingencies.

The presence of firefighting equipment surely provides assurance but will never guarantee safety. However, the provision of fire safety devices will lessen if not prevent possible hazards, fires can actually bring. Equipment like fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and the like increases one's survival and safety but with additional devices like fire hose reels, you are likewise increasing your chances for protection and prevention as well.

Permanent hose reels are relatively effective as firefighting equipment. The device also acts as a good replacement or alternative for fire extinguishers. You can also choose to avail this device as additional fire safety equipment or as an addition to extinguishers. Like any other equipment, hose reels have to be checked regularly for determination of irregularities like the need for replacement. Normal practices dictate that test labels usually determine testing dates, and that any procedure should be recorded properly. It is also advisable to record safety inspections, as part of compliance with fire regulations and requirements. It is best to ensure maintenance by means of annual check-ups and testing, for failure to do so could lead to possible risks. An annual inspection of hose reels is also done to determine probable leaks.

It is also important that use of said equipment will be handled only by qualified personnel. Anyone who has received proper training is the only ones skilled enough in using this type of equipment. In addition, reel testing is regularly done to ensure the good working condition of equipment. The process makes way for replacement of fire hose reels and its parts like nozzles and clips. In turn, these parts are replaced with compression collars instead. Moreover, the procedure allows skilled personnel to make necessary adjustments. For instance, nozzle brackets are properly adjusted to increase efficiency. The procedure also includes the tightening of valve packing glands, nuts, bolts and screws.

Fire-related figures show that a noticeable increase in the number of fires has been affecting UK homes. Over the past years, related incidents like domestic and school fires are also increasing, thereby affecting people from all classes and races. The preventive measures as well as the regulations set by fire authorities, intend to increase knowledge and information regarding fire safety. In the short run, the provision of firefighting equipment like extinguishers and reels becomes an advantage, as it provides immediate relief and aid. And with hose reels as great additions to fire extinguishers, we are likewise increasing our chances in fire prevention and safety.

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Fire Hose Reels - Great Additions to Fire Extinguishers

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This article was published on 2010/04/04