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All most all commercial building, strata title properties must meet fire safety requirement as outlined by legislation. Under the act of Environmental planning and Assessment Act 1979 a building inspection can be carried out only by an authorized person. For purposes related to fire safety they need to give a notice in writing to an owner corporation. Some Fire safety essential includes:

•Fire Doors
•Emergency Lighting
•Smoke Detector And Alarm
•Fire Extinguishers
•Fire Dampers
•Fire Hydrant Systems
•Fire Shutters And Windows
•Hose reel systems
•Exit Signs
•automatic sprinkler systems

Annual Fire Safety Statements

Every year the owner of a building or property must provide a statement to council verifying all fire-safety measure works properly. This statement must be reviewed by skilled people. All building owners and property manager must be aware of responsibilities for the maintenance of essential fire safety measures and is required to maintain them properly. Every Owner or residents must realize that maintenance of their fire safety system is not just a duty but more importantly it’s required as per law.

Some important reasons for maintenance are:

•To ensure safety of building residents
•To constantly check whether fire safety systems and equipment are working properly.
•To maintain and protect assets –anticipatory maintenance can save money
•To avoid business interruption and disruption to commercial activities/operations in the event of fire.

It’s not essential for individual lot owners to provide an annual fire safety statement just for the part belongs to them .In this case executive committee are responsible for arranging of all fire safety measures that exist within individual lot and common property .

Fire Safety Certificate

Both owners and agents have the responsibility to ensure fire safety measures in buildings are in place and checked to ensure they are in good working order. A skilled person, such as a Fire Engineer or Building Surveyor, must inspect the fire safety measures and provide a Fire Safety Installation Certificate to the owners.  This certificate must then be provided to the local council and Fire Brigade each year and a copy displayed in a prominent location within the strata building.  

Penalty for Fire Safety Breaches

Under the current fire safety regulation the NSW state Govt. has initiated a strict penalty system to help local council .As a result the building owner who are fail to submit their annual fire safety statement  has to give penalty . Weekly penalty applies as below:

•1 week late $500
•2 weeks late an additional $1000
•3 weeks late an additional $1500
•4 weeks late an additional $2000

A range of other penalties are there which vary in between $100 to $ 3000, are applicable for offences such as:

•Not displaying Fire Safety Certificates
•Not submitting Annual Fire Safety Statements.
•Failure to maintain essential fire safety measures.
•Interfere, obstruct, remove or damage fire safety notices, fire doors, fire exits or paths of travel that lead to exits.
•Failure to provide smoke alarms in any residential building in accordance with Smoke Alarms Regulation


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Fire Safety Measures and Requirements - Strata Title

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Fire Safety Measures and Requirements - Strata Title

This article was published on 2013/06/10