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Don't become a victim of fire, protect your property or business with Fire Shutters

Use the latest range of Fire Shutters to provide you with protection as you escape from a burning building. Linked directly to your exiting fire alarm system the Fire Shutters can be deployed the moment that they detect a fire. Controlled automatically, your new Fire Shutters can spring to your defence once the firm alarm is activated. Worried about people becoming trapped once the Fire Shutters have closed? An audible warning will sound as the shutters start to close to alert people in the area. They'll have plenty of time to leave the building before the Fire Shutters have closed.

Stop fires spreading with Fire Shutters

They can help to confine a fire to one particular area. Left to its own devices a fire can spread quickly and a blaze that might have started in a canteen kitchen can swiftly spread into the dining area and beyond. Once Fire Shutters are installed they'll restrict the movement of fire and help to keep it confined until the fire services can tackle the blaze.  Don't make life easy for fires. Thwart their attempts to engulf your building by fitting Fire Shutters in potentially hazardous areas. Rest assured, the Fire Shutters are more than a match for blazes and they can be real life savers once they have been installed.

Think about the benefits of fitting Fire Shutters

Imagine the destruction that a fire could cause if it were left to its devices? It could ravish your company and leave you picking up the pieces afterwards.  When Fire Shutters are fitted they slow down the progress of fire. Install Fire Shutters and you can section off certain areas of your building in the event of a fire. They are ideal for canteen and kitchen areas when fitted at access points like serving hatches. You can install Fire Shutters that can provide protection between floors and others that lower into position to segregate different areas. Provide protection for your workers, your stock and your premises at the same time once Fire Shutters have been fitted.

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Fire Shutters

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This article was published on 2010/11/23