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Envision a set of false logs that you can put in anything, a bowl, a vase, a plate, a fire place hearth, perhaps? Now, as these logs are set in place, you take a lighter with some special gel fluid and after throwing it onto the logs, flames erupt like some kind of sorcery. This is no longer the stuff of myth, as you can do this yourself with new gel fire places. When you purchase a gel fire place, you not only have a huge array of options to choose from, but you can actually purchase the fireplace and fire and be free from so many old hassles of traditional wood burning fires.

Gone are the days when you have to haul in the wood from the outdoors and light it with a match and get the soot and ashes on your hands when you are cleaning up. With gel fireplaces, the wood logs are false wood and will not even splinter your hands. Also, you can reuse them over and over again since they are not real. You can apply the gel fluid quite easily to it, and the best part is, the versatility of the gel fire places. These are no ordinary fire places that are confined to being stuck in the wall in your living room. You can move the logs to so many different places. Large bowls that you can fill with the logs can be placed out in your backyard, or you can put them on tiny plates and keep them beside the table on the foyer, or you can use them as centerpieces.

Enjoy immense flexibility with a fire that is not actually a genuine fireplace. You can use it in so many places in your house and enjoy having a little bit of fire lighting up all the dark places in your home and out in your backyard.

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Gel Fire Places

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This article was published on 2010/10/18