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To keep your home safe and secure against various calamities is important and essential. Besides, every other calamities be it natural or artificial, fire is the most dangerous one. Thus, it is imperative to install basic fire protection equipment in home.

Equipments to be installed

Fire protection equipments safeguard you and your family members during fire accidents. Therefore, it is beneficiary to install fire protection equipment in your home. Presently, there are various devices and equipment that can protect you as well as your kith and kin at the time of mishaps. To be more precise, following is the list of must have fire protection equipment installed in your home.

Fire extinguisher
A fire extinguisher or simply known as extinguisher is an active fire protection equipment that is used to control small fires in crisis. Now-a-days, market is filled with different types of fire extinguisher.

Smoke detector

Similar to home security alarm system, smoke detectors sense the smoke and alarm you to arrange appropriate preventive methods accordingly.

Fire blankets

These blankets are effective in controlling small fires. These fire blankets are made of fire- resistant material and most households are familiar with these.

Water fire sprinklers

Initially water sprinklers were used for gardening, but these days, they are used as a part of fire sprinkler system. A fire sprinkler releases water when detects fire or any signs of fire such as sudden increase in the predetermined temperature. Fire department connection plays an important role in fire sprinkler systems. These fire department connections are used to add water supply to the sprinklers while fire sprinklers discharging water to control fire.  

In fire sprinklers systems, the downstream of water pressure is reduced through pressure restricting valve, but only in under flowing conditions.


This system is a kind of firm water piping that is installed in especially in multi-story buildings in vertical position. A Y-shaped standpipe known as Siamese Connection is installed outside the building that let the standpipe connect with the fire hoses. At time of fire, with fire hose nozzle water stream is applied as to control it.  

These are the few main fire protection equipment that should be installed in a home or building to control fire.

Besides installation, maintenance of the fire protection equipment is also necessary. The regular maintenance checks according to appropriate plans are extremely important. However, in case if any of the equipment needs servicing, it should be done as to make it work effectively.

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The author has completed his educational training in fire security. He has specialized in fire safety equipments. During uncertain cause of fire there are several equipments available in the market to overcome the situation. But it is necessary to use the equipments properly as to avoid any ruining due to fire. Fire Hose Cabinet is equipment which is able to sprinkle water in the surrounding equally and  faster as to control fire, similarly Fire Hose Valve is used to control the water flow.

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Install fire protection equipment

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Install fire protection equipment

This article was published on 2012/05/23