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JSB Fire Alarm Systems for Businesses

JSB Fire alarm systems are an important investment for businesses. If you run business premises then you need to protect your staff and assets against the risk of fire. Millions of pounds are lost every year to arson and accidental fire in the UK involving commercial properties. By installing the latest JSB Fire alarm measures you could help to ensure that your business is protected against the threat of fire.

Types of Fire Alarms

There are many types of fire alarm systems available. It is a good idea to get a specialist fire officer to attend your business premises and advise of the most appropriate system. JSB Fire can help you with your business fire safety by providing you with the equipment you need. The two main types of fire alarms are:

* Manual Fire Alarm Systems these are used in low risk business premises such as offices and consist of manual alarm points (break glass to sound alarm) and audio systems (ringing bells or sirens). The system can be controlled from one central panel on the premises.
* Automatic Fire Alarm Systems these are essential for higher risk premises and those that are not manned fully at all times. These alarms will automatically detect smoke, fumes and fire and sound the alarm. These systems can be custom made around your business emergency plan. Automatic fire alarm systems will also have a central control panel and can be designed to alert remote offsite locations as well (such as the local fire station).

Choosing Business Fire Alarms

You are required by law to have an adequate means of detecting and warning against fire in your business premises. The type of system you use will depend on your individual business and work place. JSB Fire provider a wide range of fire equipment for many different business needs.

When you are choosing a fire alarm system for your business premises you need to consider the following factors:

* Risk the work carried out at your property will affect the risk of fire. High risk premises will not just need fire alarms to detect and warn but also full fire prevention equipment such as sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers.
* Use are your premises manned at all times? If you have warehouses and outbuildings that are rarely used then these will need to be connected to a remote system that alerts to fire (directly to the main office or the local fire department).
* Professional Servicing and Maintenance you need to make sure you have organised a specialist contractor to oversee the servicing and maintenance of your fire alarm system. This will ensure it is fully working and up-to-date. You will also need to carry out in-house maintenance yourself such as manually testing the fire alarm at regular intervals.

Once you have chosen the right JSB Fire equipment and alarm systems for your business you need to set up an emergency plan. This will inform your staff of how the JSB Fire equipment and system works. Fire drills and full training on JSB Fire equipment is very important for safety. This should ensure that if a fire is detected then your staff are able to act promptly to evacuate the building or use the JSB Fire equipment (such as extinguishes for small fires) as they need to.
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