Residential Sprinkler System Design Of The Core Issues - The Sprinkler System, Automatic Fire

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Summary: Analysis of the Residential Fire Features, that residential Spray System settings can not be any part of the application and interpretation. Introduced a residential sprinkler system, water supply means Sprinklers Selection, design area and the role of time to determine the water supply, and the nozzle pressure of work and installation requirements.

Keywords: Simple automatic sprinkler Fire extinguishing system Water way to set design parameters

According to Shanghai Fire Bureau of fire statistics in recent years, the number of residential fires accounted for the proportion of the total number of fires has been high, generally above 40%. Therefore, the enhanced capacity of residential buildings against fire in order to reduce the losses caused by fire is necessary. National Fire Protection Association in 1975 on the development of a residential sprinkler system design criteria. Some foreign manufacturers have started developing and producing a special residential sprinkler head manufacturers in China have carried out the production of such nozzles. United States, Australia, Britain and other developed countries, the use of residential sprinkler systems has reached more than ten years, residential sprinkler systems has greatly enhanced the use of residential fire safety.

1 set parts According to National Fire Protection Association on residential fire research, can find housing in the living room, bedroom and kitchen are the most vulnerable to the site of the fire, it set the sprinklers in these areas is necessary.

2 Water Supply Need to clear that set the residential fire sprinkler system security objectives to be achieved first of all is to protect the personal safety of the fire under control and prevent the spread of fire, evacuation personnel to provide indoor space and time, and effective fire fighting and protection property is a secondary objective. Therefore, the residential sprinkler water supply duration and the area of the sprinkler system than the average lower.

3 design parameters 3.1 nozzle choice Residential sprinkler system water as a simple way, as well as the system provides water reach the size of conventional systems, it quickly turned heads and reduce the amount of water spray sprinkler system residential sprinkler system is designed to be achieved.

3.2 Design of active area

Existing national standards, "Automatic sprinkler system design" on a system with fast response sprinkler system did not propose to reduce the role of area specific provisions. In the actual project residential or other areas would be separated into several separate small fire, the active area of computing can be a separate room for fire safety design, the role of an area the size of the general area of maximum design basis for the separation.

3.3 times the water supply system Small residential settings

fast response sprinklers for residential fire that occurred early general can quickly extinguished. From the sprinkler system Automatic fire extinguishing The case, can be found in general within the fire fighting time 10min.

3.4 nozzle pressure of work and installation requirements

Residential sprinkler working pressure is generally not less than 0.05mpa, a minimum working pressure not less than 0.025mpa. Installation of sprinkler spacing should not exceed 2.4m. Water density residential sprinkler systems desirable 6l / (min? M2), the installation of sprinkler spacing must meet the requirements of water density.

4 Notes

Residential sprinkler system in Shanghai after a period of time after installation, fire inspection also found some problems. residential sprinkler system is a simple sprinkler system,
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Residential Sprinkler System Design Of The Core Issues - The Sprinkler System, Automatic Fire

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Residential Sprinkler System Design Of The Core Issues - The Sprinkler System, Automatic Fire

This article was published on 2010/12/17