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High-rise building Fire Features: spread quickly, evacuation difficulties, fighting difficult

High-rise building fire, fire is still a world of difficult issues, many countries have high-rise building fire occurred, cause serious personal and property damage. In 1980, the United States 27-meter layer of the hotel fire, burned to death 84 people, burned 679. Seoul also occurred in the last century, 22 layer "big natural Corner" Hotel Fire, Hotel second floor coffee room of liquefied petroleum gas cylinder burst into flames, and soon the whole building into a "fire tower", a large fire to nine hours, 163 people burned to death, burn 60.

Guangdong Public Security Fire Corps fire Yuan Yi, vice minister of the said building high-rise building features its own cause with other building fires than to show several distinct features, more serious consequences of disasters. First, the fire spread quickly

. Yuan Yi of said high-rise building staircases, lift wells, tube wells, such as vertical wind tunnel shaft and more fire, the easy way to quickly spread a fire. Scientific tests show that the violent phase of the fire burning, due to high temperature of the thermal convection caused by horizontal diffusion rate of gas from 0.5 to 3 meters per second, but the smoke along the staircase or other vertical speed of the spread of tube wells can to 3-5 meters per second. 1 100 m high building, in the case of non-stop, just half a minute or so, smoke can spread to the top along the vertical tube wells. Meanwhile, with the higher floors, the wind speed will keep increasing, the expansion will accelerate the spread of fire.

Second, evacuation difficulties. Multi-layer high-rise buildings, staff focus, long distance dispersal, coupled with a variety of shaft pull air force, fire and smoke spread quickly, once for the evacuation of the staircase into the flue gas, will seriously affect the evacuation. Guangzhou City Fire detachment Linchu Guo said, Guangzhou now has held world-class technology with high levels of more than 30 vehicles, but the rescue and salvage capacity and a high degree of high buildings compared to the speed of fire spread, not a fundamental solution evacuation difficult problem.

Third, fighting difficult. Linchu Guo explained that the actual cases of domestic and foreign term, high-rise building fires, once formed, is very difficult to fight the blaze from the outside, the world's most advanced fire-fighting vehicles with high-held, highly effective fighting is limited, the helicopter can not fundamentally solve the fire problem. Currently, fire officers and men mainly by fire service installations and portable fire fighting equipment.

High-rise building fire hazards: a priori conditions of inadequate fire prevention, fire management is not in place the day after tomorrow

On Fire Corps Commander Leisheng Wu said that since the reform and opening up, Guangdong is the fastest growing provinces in high-rise buildings, including a large number of office buildings, due to management not in place, together with the existing building fire after 10 years operation, and aging equipment, maintenance can not keep up, it is difficult to play against the role of technology, risks great.

Linchu Guo said that the basic conditions inherent lack of defensive fire, most of the performance of the historical problems, but there are also some new high-rise building under construction defect. In 1995, the Bureau of Technical Supervision and the Ministry of Construction jointly issued the "Building Energy Standards" (hereinafter "Standards"), a mandatory national standards for high-rise buildings, but many of the reform and opening up high-rise buildings built in fire protection is designed, there is inherent lack of fire-fighting capabilities, had to repeatedly complete the transformation.

Some new high-rise building in the construction process for cost, convenience and other factors, often playing the "edge ball" break through fire baseline. For example, the relaxation of the requirements of the fire lift, "normative" in the proposed fire lift should have specialized power supply, drainage facilities, fire prevention functions of 11 requirements, but the "norms" also provides fire lift or work with elevators elevators altogether, resulting in reality, many high-rise building fire elevators useless, after the fire, several-storey building, Fireman Can only take the stairs, stamina, personnel, equipment can not be in time, is difficult to quickly control the fire.

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This article was published on 2010/09/14